Prulifloxacin Pharmacology


About Prulifloxacin
Mechanism of Action of Prulifloxacin
It is a prodrug which is metabolized in the body to the active compound ulifloxacin.Like other fluoroquinolones, Prulifloxacin prevents bacterial DNA replication, transcription, repair and recombination through inhibition of bacterial DNA gyrase, and topoisomerase IV.
Pharmacokinets of Prulifloxacin
Absorption: Gastrointestinal tract
Distribution:Widely distributed,protein binding 45%
Metabolism: Extensive 1st pass metabolism to form the active metabolite, Ulifloxacin
Onset of Action for Prulifloxacin
Duration of Action for Prulifloxacin
Half Life of Prulifloxacin
10.6 to 12.1 hours
Side Effects of Prulifloxacin
3.Epigastric pain
7.Altered taste
11.Sleep disorders
12.Scular hyperemia
14.Skin rash
15.Facial eczema
17.Muscle spasm
20.Potentially Fatal: Hypersensitivity, anaphylactic/anaphylactoid reactions, Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
Contra-indications of Prulifloxacin
1.Patients with anamnesis of tendon diseases related to the administration of quinolones.?
2.Hypersensitivity to Prulifloxacin, any member of the quinolone class of antimicrobial agents
3.Celiac disease
4.Epilepsy or other seizure disorders.
5.Depression and anxiety disorders
Special Precautions while taking Prulifloxacin
1.Exposure to the sun or ultra-violet rays may cause phototoxicity reactions
2.Patients with latent or known deficiencies for the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity are predisposed to hemolytic reactions
Pregnancy Related Information
Old Age Related Information
Breast Feeding Related Information
Children Related Information
Indications for Prulifloxacin
1.Acute uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections (simple cystitis)
2.Complicated lower urinary tract infections
3.Acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis
4.Gastroenteritis, including infectious diarrheas
Interactions for Prulifloxacin
1.Prulifloxacin urinary excretion decreased by probenecid
2.Fenbufen can cause increased risk of convulsions[
3.May cause hypoglycemia in diabetic patients under treatment with hypoglycemic agent
4.Decreased theophylline clearance
5.May enhance the effects of oral anticoagulants such as warfarin and its derivatives
6.Nicardipine May potentiate the phototoxicity of prulifloxacin

Typical Dosage for Prulifloxacin
Schedule of Prulifloxacin
Storage Requirements for Prulifloxacin
Store below 25?C.
Effects of Missed Dosage of Prulifloxacin
Effects of Overdose of Prulifloxacin

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