Aspirin (Low Dose) Pharmacology

Aspirin (Low Dose)

About Aspirin (Low Dose)
Salicylate, Anti platelet.
Mechanism of Action of Aspirin (Low Dose)
The drug exerts it`s antithrombotic action by interfering with platelet aggregation. It irreversibly inactivating and inhibiting the enzymes cyclooxygenase and thromboxane-synthetase. At lower doses it selectively suppresses the release of thromboxane-A2 till fresh platelets are formed. It also inhibits the release of ADP from platelets and their sticking to each other.
Pharmacokinets of Aspirin (Low Dose)
Absorption: Well absorbed orally, Distribution: Widely distributed in the body in a protein bound form, Metabolism: Metabolized in the liver in to metabolites. Excretion: Excreted through urine as salicylates and it`s metabolites.
Onset of Action for Aspirin (Low Dose)
Duration of Action for Aspirin (Low Dose)
5 to 7days
Half Life of Aspirin (Low Dose)
15 to 20minutes
Side Effects of Aspirin (Low Dose)
1.Prolonged bleeding time
3.Gastrointestinal disturbances
4.Allergic reactions
Contra-indications of Aspirin (Low Dose)
1.Hypersensitivity to the drug
2.Peptic ulcer
3.Severe renal impairment
4.Severe hepatic impairment
5.G6PD deficiency
6.Haemorrhagic disorders
Special Precautions while taking Aspirin (Low Dose)

1.Hypo prothrobinemia
2.Renal impairment
3.Hepatic impairment
4.In gastrointestinal lesions
5.Vitamin K deficiency
6.Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
Pregnancy Related Information
Old Age Related Information
Use with caution
Breast Feeding Related Information
Children Related Information
Indications for Aspirin (Low Dose)
Prophylaxis treatment of increased risks of blood clotting
Interactions for Aspirin (Low Dose)
Drugs Affecting Aspirin:
Activated charcoal: Decreases absorption of aspirin.
Antacids Urinary alkalizers and Cortiosteroids: Decrease efficacy of aspirin.

Drugs affected by aspirin:
Alcohol: Risk of G.I. ulceration increases; may also prolong bleeding time.
ACE inhibitors: Antihypertensive action decreased.
Oral Anticoagulants : May potentiate effect.
Methotrexate: Effect potentiated.
Tetracycline: Efficacy decreased.
Tricyclic Antidepressants - Effect potentiated.
Nitroglycerin: May result in unexpected hypotension.
Beta-adrenergic Blockers - Antihypertensive effect blunted.
NSAIDs: May decrease serum concentration.
Sulfonylureas and Exogenous Insulin: In high doses may potentiate these drugs.
Valproic Acid: Potentiates effect.
Spironolactone: May inhibit diuretic effect.
Probenecid & Sulfinpyrazone : Antagonise uricosuric effect (In doses > 3gm/day - uricosuric effect)
Lab Tests:
Thyroid Function Tests: Increase in PBI
Serum Uric Acid Levels: Increased by levels less than 10 mg/dl and decreased by levels> 10 mg/dl.
Urine Glucose: False negative by glucose oxidase method. False positive results by reduction method.
Urinary Ketones: Produce reddish colour.
Typical Dosage for Aspirin (Low Dose)
0ral: 50mg to 160mg/day
Schedule of Aspirin (Low Dose)
Storage Requirements for Aspirin (Low Dose)
Store at room temperature and protects from moisture.
Effects of Missed Dosage of Aspirin (Low Dose)
Take the missed dose as soon as noticed and if it is the time for next dose then skip the missed dose. Continue the regular schedule. Do not double the dose.
Effects of Overdose of Aspirin (Low Dose)
Empty stomach by induced emesis and gastric lavage. Reduce absorption by administration of activated charcoal. Give symptomatic and supportive treatment. Monitor and assist respiratory function, fluid and electrolyte balance, and other vital parameters. Administer sodium bicarbonate and enhance alkaline diuresis. Haemodialysis is effective in severe poisoning.

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