Doxycycline + Ornidazole Pharmacology

Doxycycline + Ornidazole

About Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Mechanism of Action of Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Pharmacokinets of Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Onset of Action for Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Duration of Action for Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Half Life of Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Side Effects of Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Contra-indications of Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Special Precautions while taking Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Pregnancy Related Information
Old Age Related Information
Breast Feeding Related Information
Children Related Information
Indications for Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Interactions for Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Typical Dosage for Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Schedule of Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Storage Requirements for Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Effects of Missed Dosage of Doxycycline + Ornidazole
Effects of Overdose of Doxycycline + Ornidazole


About Doxycycline
Tetracycline Derivative, Antibiotic.
Mechanism of Action of Doxycycline
Doxycycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic which acts against both gram positive and gram negative organisms. It exerts its bacteriostatic action by accumulating inside the bacteria through specific transporter protein and by passive diffusion & inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by attaching to 30 S subunit of bacterial ribosome (which are absent in mammals).Doxycycline interfering the attachment of aminoacyl-tRNA to the mRNA-ribosome complex and peptide chain fails to grow. It chelates cations like Ca &Mg and inhibits functioning of various enzymes & ribosome.
Doxycycline is used in some areas for the treatment of Chloroquine-resistant falciparum malaria
Pharmacokinets of Doxycycline
Absorption: Orally well absorbed, food has not much effect on absorption.
Distribution: Widely distributed; shows protein- binding.
Metabolism: Not substantially metabolized inside the body.
Excretion: Primarily excreted through faeces. Some drug is present in breast milk & a portion is excreted through urine.
Onset of Action for Doxycycline
4 to 12 hours
Duration of Action for Doxycycline
24 hours
Half Life of Doxycycline
18 to 24 hours
Side Effects of Doxycycline
1. Photo toxicity
2. Intracranial hypertension
3. Dysphagia
4. Nausea
5. Vomiting
6. Epigastric distress
7. Super infection
8. Skin rashes
9. Pericarditis
10. Neutropenia
11. Elevated liver enzymes
12. Discoloration of teeth
13. Esophageal ulceration
14. Glossitis
15. Thrombocytopenia
16. Retardation of bone growth
Contra-indications of Doxycycline
1. Hypersensitivity to the drug or other tetracyclines
Special Precautions while taking Doxycycline
1.Renal impairment
2.Hepatic impairment
3.Sun exposure may leads to photo toxicity.
4.Alcohol uptake may decrease antibiotic effect.
Pregnancy Related Information
Old Age Related Information
Use with caution
Breast Feeding Related Information
Children Related Information
NEONATES : Contraindicated
Indications for Doxycycline
1. Syphilis
2. Lympho granuloma veneram
3. Typhus fever
4. Respiratory tract infections
5. Prophylaxis of malaria
6. Urinogenital tract infections
7. Trachoma
8. Pelvic inflammatory diseases
9. Acne
10. Diarrhoea
11. Gonorrhea in penicillin allergic individuals
12. Pneumonia
13. Rickettsial infections
14. Urethritis
15. Anthrax
Interactions for Doxycycline
Antacids (aluminium, calcium zinc, magnesium), Iron salts, Bismuth salts: Impair absorption of tetracyclines thus reducing its efficacy.
Anticoagulants: Increase the hypothrombinemic effects of anticoagulants.
Cimetidine: Decreases GI absorption leading to decreased efficacy of tetracyclines.
Digoxin: Increased serum levels leading to digoxin toxicity.
Methoxyflurane: Nephrotoxic effects of both increased.
Oral contraceptives: Breakthrough bleeding, pregnancy due to decreased efficacy.
Penicillins: Efficacy reduced.
Food: Dairy products decrease efficacy of tetracyclines.
Lab Tests: Bacteriosuppressive levels of Demeclocycline persist in both urine and blood for several days after cessation of therapy interfering with culture studies.

Typical Dosage for Doxycycline
Adults: 0.2gm initial dose followed by 0.1gm once daily.
In severe infections: 0.1gm 12 hourly up to 10 days.
Malaria: 200 mg daily for at least 7 days after treatment with quinine.
Malaria prophylaxis: Doxycycline 100 mg daily.
Anthrax: 200 mg / day in 2 divided doses
Acne: 100mg/day Or 50mg twice daily.
Urethritis: 100 mg twice a day for 7 days
Children (above 8 years of age): 3 to 5 mg/kg/day in two divided doses.

Schedule of Doxycycline
Storage Requirements for Doxycycline
Store in a cool place.
Effects of Missed Dosage of Doxycycline
Take the missed dose as soon as noticed and if it is the time to take the next dose then skip the missed dose.
Effects of Overdose of Doxycycline
Treatment is supportive & symptomatic. Drug can be removed by gastric lavage.


About Ornidazole
A nitro imidazole derivative, Antiprotozoal antibiotic,Antimicrobial.
Mechanism of Action of Ornidazole
Ornidazole is a nitro imidazole which has broad spectrum cidal activity against Protozoa and some anaerobic bacteria. Its selective toxicity to anaerobic microbes involves 1. Drug enters the cell by diffusion, 2. Nitro group of drug is reduced by redox proteins present only in anaerobic organisms to reactive nitro radical which excerts cytotoxic action by damaging DNA and other critical biomolecules. 3. DNA helix destabilization &strand breakage has been observed.
Pharmacokinets of Ornidazole
Absorption: Well absorbed orally, Distribution: Widely distributed,
Metabolism: Metabolized in liver by conjugation, Excretion: Excreted in urine and small portion is excreted in bile
Onset of Action for Ornidazole
Within 2 hours
Duration of Action for Ornidazole
Half Life of Ornidazole
12 to 14 hours
Side Effects of Ornidazole
1.Abdominal pain
6.Dry mouth
10.Abdominal distress
Contra-indications of Ornidazole
1.Hypersensitivity to the drug or other imidazoles
Special Precautions while taking Ornidazole
2.Mental confusion
Pregnancy Related Information
Use with caution
First trimester: contra indicated
Old Age Related Information
Use with caution
Breast Feeding Related Information
May be used
Children Related Information
Use with caution
Indications for Ornidazole
3.Trichomonas vaginitis
4.Anaerobic bacterial infections
5.Bacterial vaginosis
Interactions for Ornidazole
Typical Dosage for Ornidazole
Adults: 1gm daily in 2 divided doses for 7 to 10 days
Children: 10 to 25mg/kg once daily for 3days
Amoebic dysentery:
Adults: 1.5gm once daily for 3 days
Children: 40mg/kg once daily for 3 days
Adults: 1.5gm single daily dose or 0.5gm 12hourly for 5 days,
Male partner should be concurrently treated.
Children: 25mg/kg as a single dose
Adults: 1 to 1.5gm once daily for 2days
Children: 40mg/kg for 2days
Bacterial vaginosis: 1.5gm once or 500mg once daily for 5 to7 days
Schedule of Ornidazole
Storage Requirements for Ornidazole
Store at cool dry place. Protect from heat and light. Keep out of the reach of children.
Effects of Missed Dosage of Ornidazole
Take the missed dose as soon as noticed. If it is the time for next dose then skip the missed dose. Continue the regular schedule. Do not double the dose.
Effects of Overdose of Ornidazole
Treatment is supportive & symptomatic. Drug is removed by induced emesis, gastric lavage, and administration of activated charcoal &use of cathartics.

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